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Erasmus+ Projects

The Melissa Project

This international two year project will be our next exciting Erasmus + project starting in October 2019.  The overall focus of this project is bees and bee-keeping and establishing a bee-keeping project at our schools.  We also aim to give our pupils an opportunity, thoughout the lifetime of this project to communicate with and visit each other's schools and to present work and learn about different countries and cultures.  Pupils aged 10 - 15 years from Perth in Scotland, The Azores, Thessaloniki in Greece, Verbania in Italy and Voru in Estonia are the partners of the project.  Pupils will take part in a number of collaborative activities including:

-        researching bees
-        designing bee hives
-        performing in a concert relating to bees
-        setting up bee-keeping projects at our schools, keeping journals and photographic records
-        designing and producing merchandise relating to bees

As the project progresses more information will be posted here.  

The pupils who were selected to go on the first Learning, Teaching and Training Activity of the MELISSA beekeeping project on Terceira Island in the Azores kept a diary.  You can see what they wrote here


Eureka! Past, Present & Future!

Eureka - Past, Present and Future! is a project which proposes to foster entrepreneurship, from an early age, and the idea that anyone has the capability of being an inventor. It aims to inspire young people, build on their sense of initiative and show them that through team work, co-operation, hard work and good leadership, they will be the next generation of inventors. It will also provide a detailed training manual for primary school teachers on "The Design Process"  and the practicalities of running such a project in a school situation. 

The project started on 19 September 2016 and ended on 18 November 2018.  For a summary of what we've been up to over the course of year 1, please click here or you can download the video of what we've been up to:


Read here to find out what exciting activities took place during the second year of our Erasmus project:


The project partners were:

Craigclowan Prep School
Project Manager – Carol Dibnah – staffcdibnah@craigclowan-school.co.uk

Scoala Gimnaziala, Nr 14 Brazov, Romania

Aristotelio College, Thessalonika, Greece

Istituto Comprensivo Verbania Pallanza, Italy

Ecole Saint Victor, Paris, France

The first trip, which involved all the partner schools, was to Thessaloniki and was a wonderful experience for everyone involved.  Please read our trip diaries by following the links below!

Arthur's Thessaloniki Diary
Freddie's Thessaloniki Diary
Iona's Thessaloniki Diary
Rachel's Thessaloniki Diary
Thessaloniki Blog From Mrs Dibnah and Mrs Court

Four lucky pupils from Form 7 have now experienced the delights of Paris on the latest trip.  Read our diaries here:

Ben's Paris Diary
Izzy's Paris Diary
Ross's Paris Diary
Tessa's Paris Diary
Paris Blog From Mrs Dibnah and Mrs Denyer

Six pupils from Forms 6 and 7 experienced a wonderful trip to Romania during Spring Term 2018.  Read what they got up to here:

Romania Trip Diaries

We have regular updates on our Facebook Page - Eureka Pastpresentfuture - and on our E-Twinning Page



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