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School Aims, Ethos and Values

Knowledge and academic progress are vital parts of an education, however, it is the values that underpin these that truly define the quality of what takes place in a school. Here at Craigclowan we have clearly defined aims and an ethos and have created a set of values which we hope will act as a roadmap for all members of our community.


As a school community, Craigclowan aims to:

  • Give the children in our care the best possible start in life.
  • Be a caring family community where childhood is cherished.
  • Seek high academic standards within a broad curriculum.
  • Prepare children fully with traditional values for a modern world.


At Craigclowan we are passionate about childhood. We are fortunate to be ideally located in a prominent and well-connected setting to the south of the Fair City of Perth overlooking this beautiful city, the River Tay and the incredible countryside beyond. We have excellent specialist teaching facilities for sport, music and the arts and each academic curriculum area. However, it is our committed and talented staff who really make the difference; the excellent relationship between pupils and specialist staff and the ability of the staff to draw out the very best from the children is fundamental to what we do. We aim to provide a broad education and a strong academic stimulus with opportunities for each pupil to explore, make mistakes, learn and grow, both inside and outside of the classroom

We believe that for children to develop and make progress they must be happy. Small class sizes ensure that every child gets the attention that they need to achieve all that they are capable of within a nurturing, understanding and forgiving environment. Pastoral care is of the highest quality and frequent communication between home and school ensures that nothing is overlooked.

Above all, we want our children to progress while being part of a kind and welcoming family where we care for one another.


At Craigclowan we have developed a set of values which help all children and staff to develop physically, academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. We encourage all members of the school to think about and practise these values:


Having an unconditional positive regard for others is the cornerstone of our family. We value differences highly rather than being frightened by them.


We believe in being honest with ourselves at the deepest level and strive to reflect this in our actions and words.


We wish to be a welcoming, caring and inclusive community where children and adults alike can feel valued and grow in confidence.


We acknowledge that life is a big adventure. We believe that there is a whole world out there to be explored and we want to build the courage and strength of character to face it.


We believe in conducting ourselves with a generosity of spirit while praising effort and fair play and celebrating our successes with modesty.


To prepare for the future we encourage each other to believe in ourselves and approach each challenge and opportunity with energy and hope.


We believe that as much can be learnt from a failure as a success. We strive to develop resilience so that when we fail we can bounce back with the determination to have another go.

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