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A Warm Welcome

The problem with Headteachers’ welcome messages on school websites is that they all seem to say the same thing and are full of near identical claims of excellence, achievement and, my own personal favourite, uniqueness!  Apart from perhaps the school name at the top, nearly everything else will be pretty much identical and it will be hard for you to discern any real difference.  Of course, you probably don’t need me to tell you this - you will have discovered it for yourself.

So I could begin this welcome by telling you about the amazing facilities, great location and stunning Perthshire setting we enjoy here at Craigclowan.  I could tell you all about the outstanding academic record, superb sporting opportunities and the incredible breadth of extra-curricular activities.  I could boast about the wide range of senior schools that hope to attract our pupils.  I could tell you honestly about the vast number of scholarships to senior schools that our children earn each year.  I could also shower you with the many impressive achievements that our pupils amasse each and every year.  However, I don’t believe for one moment that this would help you to discover what it is that really makes Craigclowan such an amazing school, where it is a joy for our children to come to school each day.  Instead, I suggest that you have a good look through our website then book a visit so that you can spend some time here.  Then you will see our community at work.  You will see our children learning, playing and really enjoying their time with their friends and their teachers.  

When you visit you will be able to spend time talking with our pupils.  You will hear them speak of their successes and their failures (and what they have learnt from these).  You will see first hand how our pupils are nurtured, cared for and treated with respect.  You will discover that the very essence of Craigclowan is our pupils, our staff and our parents; creating an exciting, thriving, diverse and compassionate community where everyone is treated as an individual.  You will witness a school where children really do treat others in the way that they wish to be treated, where they learn to give their best irrespective of the difficulties that they might encounter, where they develop and grow into well-mannered and balanced young men and women who can contribute to their world in positive ways.

Above all, we strive for each and every one of our pupils to be happy here.  We know that happiness is a crucial part of the educational mix.  It is an accelerant which enables our children to thrive and succeed at so many things; because of this, Craigclowan is full of success stories and so, I believe, we set the standard that other prep schools strive to achieve.

And by the way - unlike all other schools which claim to be unique - we really are.  After all, do you know another school which has its own dry ski slope?!

I look forward to meeting you.


John Gilmour

John Gilmour

John Gilmour has been privileged to enjoy a career teaching in both maintained and independent schools for the last 18 years. Prior to teaching, John served in the Royal Navy both in the surface fleet and Submarines. Having a passion for the outdoors, he spent the last 15 years as a member and Coxswain of his local lifeboat crew, prior to his move to Scotland.

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