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Religious Studies


  • To make the pupils aware of the importance of beliefs and practices of Christianity and other World Religions.
  • To develop informed opinions of their own value, both to themselves and others.
  • To be aware of their responsibility and place in the world at large.
  • To read and learn Bible stories and try and relate them to everyday life.
  • To prepare able pupils for Scholarship exams to Senior Schools.
  • To prepare pupils for Common Entrance to Senior Schools.

Junior School

Religious Studies in the junior part of the school is designed to give each child an introduction to the main stories in the Old and New Testament. It is also structured to help the children interpret the meanings from the stories and find their relevance in today’s world.

These stories will form the basis for Section One and Two of the Common Entrance Syllabus.

Included in the syllabus is a section on Other World Religions. It is hoped that the children will gain an insight into the beliefs of several main religions. There are other themes included which widen the scope of the subject i.e. Saints, Stories, People of Faith.

Senior School

Religious studies at Craigclowan is designed to reflect the latest changes in the Common Entrance Curriculum.The present syllabus has been in place since November 2011.

The first two sections in the Common Entrance exam test the student’s knowledge and understanding of both Old and New Testament stories as well as the contemporary issues linked to these stories.

The World Religion section focuses on the student’s knowledge of the workings and belief systems in Islam and Christianity.

Download ISEB Religious Studies Syllabus A

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