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Some pupils will study Latin this year, following the Common Entrance syllabus Level 2. Latin is a demanding subject and the pace of this class is fast but most children cope.

Over the course of three years your child will learn how to translate unseen passages from Latin into English. This requires pupils to memorise 350 words by the end of Form 7. There is one prep per week for Latin and this usually consists of memorising grammar and vocabulary, which is tested in class.

In addition, pupils study Greek Myths and Legends and Roman Domestic Life which includes topics such as food, clothes, homes and furniture and ceremonies associated with birth, marriage and death.

Form 6 - Latin

Your child begins the study of Latin this year and we thought it would be helpful to explain what this will involve.

We begin by examining the reasons for studying Latin and by revising basic English grammar; the textbook will not be issued until this is completed. Thereafter, we embark on the Common Entrance syllabus which involves grammar and (over 3 years of study) memorising 350 words of vocabulary. Most of the one Prep set each week will consist of learning vocabulary and memorising other points of grammar, such as case endings. Should you wish to support your child in the study of Latin, it would be most helpful if you could test this vocabulary for the weekly test. New points of Grammar will be listed at the front and vocabulary at the back, of the “Grammar and Vocabulary notebook.”

We will also study Greek Myth and Legend but the notes on these will be brought home only for revision purposes at the end of term.

Latin is a most demanding subject and the pace of the class is quite fast but most children cope. However, every Tuesday at Lunch break we hold a weekly Latin Clinic in Rm 24, which any pupil may attend (without an appointment!) for further explanation of any point not understood in class.

We will gladly discuss any other concerns you may have now or at the first Parents’ meeting in October.

Teacher: Carol Dibnah

Latin Revision Guides 2010

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Download Form 6 Latin Revision Guide

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