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  • To stimulate the children’s curiosity about the way of life of people living in the past;
  • To develop the children’s understanding of their own and others’ inheritance;
  • To enable the children to consider the ways in which the past influences the present;
  • To show the children that the learning of facts and the acquiring of skills as vital, linked components of the subject;
  • To encourage the use of source material in the general teaching of the subject.

A Brief Summary of the F6-F8 Curriculum

Form 6 (3 periods a week)

Form 6 has an introductory course to the history of Scotland. The children will look at topics including: the first settlers, Skara Brae, the people of Dal Riata, the Romans and The Scottish Wars of Independence.

There are out-of-school visits to the museum in Perth and also to the sites of the Scottish Wars of Independence during the year.

The Children will be encouraged to write extended answers to show their knowledge of the topics covered. They will also be encouraged to take part in class discussions and use enquiring minds to explore the tasks set for Prep.

Prep is set and marked weekly for assessment leading to a Form order. There will be two examinations for this Form : one in the Winter Term and one in the Summer Term.

Textbook: A History of Scotland for Children - Judy Paterson

Form 7 (3 periods a week)

Form 7 develops the skills practised in Form 6 and starts the Common Entrance syllabus by looking at Medieval Realms from 1066-1500.

The children’s textbook looks at sources from this period, related material and uses extensive questioning to help promote the children’s understanding topics

The year ends with the children visiting Falkland Palace at the start of July to look at the Stuart portraits and discuss the life of Mary Queen of Scots.

The children will be set two Preps each week in this Form

Textbook: So You Really Want To Learn History (book 1) - Bob Pace

Form 8 (3 periods a week)

Form 8 builds on the use of evidence and the explanation of the points recorded in class as the period 1500-1750, The Making of the United Kingdom, is explored. The children will practice the discipline of essay writing as they go through the year.

There are two preps a week to supply the facts needed for the task.

In the final term, Britain 1750 – circa 1900 is explored. A study of Stanley Mills provides the class with a topic from this period and completes the Common Entrance syllabus.

The children will sit two exams this year: one in the Winter Term and the Common Entrance examination in the Summer Term.

Textbook: So You Really Want To Learn History (book 2) - Nicholas Oulton

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Sean Adams
Head of Department

Download ISEB History Syllabus

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