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History is not how you remember it! That’s not a clever play on words – History is taught very differently from how you may remember it from school.  Although dates, places and personalities are still important, what is even more important are the two questions; “why did a historical event take place?” and “what other things happened because of that event taking place?”.  Or, in the language of historians, ‘causes and consequences’.  And, as far as possible, we encourage pupils to try and work out the answers to these questions themselves by using the original sources – the words, writing and records of the people who were actually there.

That’s why, when pupils encounter History as a discrete subject in Form 6 at Craigclowan, their first task is to learn the basic terminology and skills of History in our ‘What Is History?’ unit.  To give them some context, pupils then embark on a whirlwind course ‘Big History: Big Bang to the Present Day’ that sets out the major epochs and turning points in our planet’s history.  Then, it is ‘Wee History: The History of Scotland’.  Three short courses that set them up for the Common Entrance syllabus.

Unlike other disciplines at Craigclowan, each year group in the school will study different topics from those year groups around them.  That is because Common Entrance History operates on a three-year repeating cycle of topics.

Therefore, over the course of three years in the senior part of the school, those entering Form 6 in September 2019 and sitting the CE examination in 2021/22 will study:

Medieval Realms: Britain 1066-1485

First Crusade
Archbishop Becket    

Making of the United Kingdom: 1485-1750 Henry VIII and the English Reformation
Plague and the Fire of London
Britain and Empire: 1750-1914 Suffragettes
Crimean War

More information about the Common Entrance History syllabus can be found at https://www.iseb.co.uk/getmedia/86f93060-5840-4c56-bd26-de0747041aae/Syllabus-CE-CASE-History.pdf.aspx

Sean Adams
Head of Department


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