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Geography in the senior school follows the syllabus set by the Independent Schools Examinations Board in preparation for the Common Entrance Examination at 13+.


  • Stimulate curiosity about the world.
  • Introduce children to people, places and environments.
  • Contribute to environmental awareness and education for sustainable development.
  • Develop understanding of physical and human landscapes and introduce children to different societies and cultures, enhancing awareness of global interdependence.

The main areas of study are:

  • Map skills.
  • Geomorphological processes.
  • Weather and climate.
  • Settlement.
  • Economic activity.
  • Environmental issues.

At the beginning of Form 6 each child will be given a set of maps and they will need to have an A4 folder with integral plastic pockets to keep the maps safe for the duration of their time at the school. Included with the maps is a blank map of each continent that should be copied to allow the children maps to work on as they prepare for tests.

Download ISEB Geography Syllabus (Revised 2013 for first examination in Autumn 2015)

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