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Following our transition class in the Summer Term, our youngest pupils have a gentle transition into the main Prep School each autumn. In Forms 1 - 5 pupils are largely class taught with some specialist input. As they progress, some subjects become set and they encounter more specialist teaching and setting where appropriate. The breadth and balance of the curriculum gives pupils an opportunity to get excited about the lessons they have each day. The curriculum has a real, hands-on feel where children participate and are not just spectators. Activity and investigation enable pupils to learn to think for themselves and to solve problems. We hope that they can begin to see that failure and getting it wrong are important steps in the journey towards getting it right.

By Form 6, pupils will be tutored by one member of staff who is responsible for their wellbeing and academic progress and they will move about the school for all of their lessons.  This gives them the best possible preparation for entry exams to senior schools at the end of their time with us in Form 8.

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