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Craigclowan China

Here at Craigclowan in Perth, we are very aware of the extent to which we are educating the children in our care to live as citizens in an ever more connected global community.  We have a long history of developing international links, in particular through our Erasmus projects and our international choir trips.  In 2017 we had the opportunity to take this a step further and forge a closer link with a group of inspirational and forward-looking educators in China, who had a vision of creating a value based bi-lingual pre-school in Xi’an. 

From our first meetings until now, it has been clear that the very best of what we offer here in Scotland has been translated into a world leading pre-school in Xi’an.  Craigclowan Xi’an opened its doors in mid 2020 in a stunning, purpose designed space which now offers discerning families in one of China's ancient but most modern cities, the opportunity to get the best possible start for their children. 

We look forward with excitement to this partnership growing as the years pass and to continue to have the chance to share what we do so well here, in Perth, with our family in Xi’an.

To find out more about Craigclowan China, please click here.

Craigclowan China Latest News

January 2022: The team at Craigclowan China recently held a webinar for parents concerning the wellbeing of families who have now been locked down for three weeks, with another two weeks in prospect.  The link to the Webinar can be found here.

Ocober 2021: The children in Xi'an shared the combined magic of Harry Potter and Halloween.

October 2021: Forest School China-style through the medium of the Mud Festival! 


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