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Here at Craigclowan Pre-School, learning is fun and every day brings a new adventure under the guidance of our experienced, committed and caring staff.

We provide a healthy balance between free play and a more teacher-directed, structured approach to learning through play, valuing children’s input in planning activities, engendering curiosity within each child and promoting opportunities to explore, progress and flourish at their own pace.

Our aims at Craigclowan are:

  • to create a welcome and happy atmosphere with planned activities to stimulate children
  • to encourage each child to develop as an individual and to fulfil his/her potential
  • to provide an extensive pre-school curriculum which caters for individual needs
  • to encourage children to respect their peers, teachers and property
  • to develop confidence and self-esteem in each child
  • to work cooperatively with parents and the community
  • to enable all children to develop their capacities as successful learners, confident individuals, responsible young citizens and effective contributors to society.

Our professional objectives are:

  • to ensure children are safe, nurtured, healthy, achieving, active, respected and included
  • to work cooperatively with parents and children

Local authority funding:

From January 2021, eligible parents are entitled to the increased 1140 hours of funding.  This means that the core hours of a child's day in Pre-school (0830 - 1500) are free of charge. Children can be dropped off from 0815.  Childcare will still be available between 1500 and 1800 but these hours will be unfunded and are therefore chargeable.  We will ask you to pre-book any exra hours you require on your admission form.  Any pre-booked after school childcare will be charged at a rate of £10 per hour (or part hour thereof) and any ad hoc hours which were not pre-booked will be charged at a rate of £15 per hour (or part hour thereof).  Priority for places at Pre-school will be given to those pupils who are taking their full allocation of funded hours at Craigclowan and, in the event that we are over-subscribed for places, priority will given to those contuining their education into the Prep School for Form 1.

Pre-School sessions are:

Morning 0830 - 1230 (one session)
Full day 0830 - 1500 (two sessions)
Breakfast Club provision is available from 0730.

Children attend Pre-school for a minimum of six sessions per week. Access to Pre-School classrooms is via an entry fob system. 

Lunches and Snacks:

Children are provided with a delicious, home-cooked, two course lunch in the School dining room each day, regardless of whether they are with us for the morning or the whole day. Due to the possibility of allergic reactions in children, Pre-School is a NUT FREE zone.  All snacks are provided so do not need to be brought from home.  The cost of the lunch and snacks are included.

Main School Integration:

Interaction with children and teachers in the Main School is on a daily basis when pre-schoolers join Forms 1 and 2 for lunch provision in the Dining Hall. Pupils from Form 5/6 also visit Pre-School during snack and lunch breaks to work and play with the children. Every child attends Music and Gym Teacher sessions and the Headmaster's Friday morning assemblies.

Holiday Activity Clubs:

The long school holidays can often be challenging times for parents who want to find suitably interesting and varied supervision for their children. Craigclowan has a holiday activity club for children ranging from Pre-School to Form 8 and this runs for five weeks per year operating on weekdays between 8:15 and 16:30

  • for three weeks at the end of the Summer term (Summer holiday)
  • for one week at the end of the Winter term (Christmas holiday)
  • for one week at the end of the Spring term (Easter holiday)

The holiday activity club for pre-schoolers is based at the Pre-School and has access to a wide range of active fun activities both indoors and outdoors, using the school grounds and facilities on site. The management and staffing of the club is by a member of current Pre-School staff, plus additional suitably qualified staff as is required by demand.

Costs can be obtained from the school office, who will also be able to register your child for individual days or for weekly blocks.

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