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Taster days

All children who join the Craigclowan community will spend a little time with us prior to their start date.  Children joining Pre-school will spend either a morning or a full day in Pre-school, depending on their planned number of sessions, in the latter part of the term preceding their start date.  This visit affords the children the opportunity to begin to get to know their new classmates and surroundings.
Children who are joining the Prep School will spend at least one full day with us.  We try and ensure that, wherever possible, the taster day is spent with the class we anticipate that your child will join.  We allocate a buddy to the visiting child and our children are always keen to volunteer!  Visiting children wear their current school uniform and bring their pencil case, a water bottle and a snack for morning break.  They spend the day doing the work of the class and join in with any music, art or games lessons.  We will advise you if any games kit is required on the day your child visits.

To arrange a taster day, please contact the Headmaster’s PA, Jennifer Trueland, on 01738 626 310 or by email. Alternatively, please complete our Enquiry Form.

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