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Trip to Sedbergh School for the Rawthey Run XC Race

Fourteen very excited children, the Headmaster and Mrs Cashman headed off to Sedburgh School last Wednesday to enjoy the first cross country race of this season. On arrival (after a quick stop for snacks at the motorway services) we were taken into our respective boys and girls boarding houses and we were settled into boarding life. The girls were well looked after by Tracey Gunning and her wonderful girls, we felt as if we were at home as we tucked into a delicious dinner, cosied up in our pajamas and enjoyed some hot chocolate before bedtime.

The boys were looked after very well by two responsible ex-Craigclowan pupils, Angus Tiso and Tom Colhoun, thank you boys for keeping them calm!

On Thursday morning we awoke to a misty and cold day with just a wee sprinkling of fresh snow on the ground.

We headed to chapel to learn about taking risks and realising that a small amount of fear and apprehension is a good thing!

We then enjoyed a full programme of lessons including shooting, a choral workshop and a wonderful art activity. Each activity was led by the enthusiastic teaching staff at Sedbergh and we even got Mr Gilmour showing his artistic talents in the art room.

After another hearty meal we loaded the buses with our numerous bags and suitcases, and we headed to the sports field to eye up the competition and scan the course.

The race itself was tough and exciting, each section of the course bringing new challenges, with mud pits, log jumps and steep hills to tackle, Craigclowan pupils were in their element.

Well done to all the runners, it was fabulous to see you all putting so much effort into the race in this stunning setting. An extra well done to Finlay for running most of the course with only one show, a true sportsman! And of course a big well done to Freddie for his 2nd place in the Under 11 boys, it was a very close battle and one all the runners should be proud of. Great running, behaviour and manners Team Craigclowan.

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