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Ski Trip to Alpe D'Huez 2016

Mrs Grant cried on the last day of our 2016 Ski Trip, and I am afraid it was the children that had brought her to this state!  Before I report how this came about I must tell you about some of the things that happened on tour.
The spring snow had admittedly passed its best, with the only fresh snow coming on the last day. Moguls were massive. Visibility varied from crystal clear to zero and this could happen within seconds. However, as we are all accustomed to Scottish skiing, it had little effect on our enjoyment. With ski lessons finishing at 1715 we were often the last off the hill and had the added excitement of catching the last chair or cable car to make our rendezvous.
The Horlicks t-shirts and wigs were given to many of the children and the telling of the stories became increasingly more extravagant as the week went on. Tessa tried to smuggle all her beauty products through customs at the airport. She blamed her Mum, but received a well-deserved t-shirt all the same. Ethan proudly wore the wig that earned him the nickname “Rod Stewart” and Adam claimed the change in altitude was the cause of his flatulence.
The food was lovely. We enjoyed fish and chips, lasagne, burgers and many other filling and tasty meals after a long day on the piste. On a couple of days the weather forced us off the mountain and back for lunch at the hotel, which was warmly welcomed as it reinvigorated us for the afternoon session.
Evening activities included a quiz night, a games night and of course the shopping expedition to buy all those essential presents for Mum and Dad. The highlight however was Invertigo where the children leapt, swung, dived and balanced in a suspended net 20 metres off the ground. Well done to Thomas who really faced his fear of heights; we were all truly impressed.
All this is well and good, but how did the children make poor Mrs Grant cry? Well I will tell you.
The ski instructors had just told her that they had had the most enjoyable week of teaching in years. Bernard had taken his group through “le tunnel” on the second day and was amazed with the way they had coped with the most difficult skiing that Alpe D’Huez had to offer. Eddie spoke of how well they listened and how his group was up for every challenge. However it was Lilian, obviously overcome with gratitude for the parting gift of haggis and shortbread, who really let her Gallic guard drop and set Mrs Grant off by saying Craigclowan was the best school she had taught.
Mrs Grant pulled herself together and brought the children off the mountain for the last time in 2016 secure in the knowledge that none were lost or injured, not even a sprain! Back at the hotel, Hotel Manager, Faye, then set her off again by telling her that Craigclowan had caused havoc amongst her staff, as all the rooms were so beautifully clean (a very close competition this year, but well done Iona, Amy and Olivia), and at meal times the children were fun to serve but also courteous and respectful. 
Mrs Grant had lead her first Craigclowan Ski Trip and it had been a triumph, because the children, your children, had been brilliant in every way. They had done you, as parents, proud. They had done us, as teachers, proud. They had done Craigclowan proud!

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