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Scottish Primary Schools’ Cross-Country Championships Kirkcaldy - Saturday 27 April 2019

Craigclowan took ten energetic and excited runners to the Scottish Primary Schools’ 32nd Cross-country Championships which event took place in the grounds of Kirkcaldy High School on Saturday.

The Championship brought together no fewer than 1000 children representing 150 schools.

To say that this event was a humbling experience is an understatement.

There were four categories: Primary 6 (Form 6) boys and girls and Primary 7 (Form 7) boys and girls.  Each category was split into two races (as the number of children that could be in each race was limited) with schools divided up by alphabetical order. There was about 150 children in each race.

Organisation was first class. Air temperature and a convenient breeze were ideal for the runners. The course offered enough ascents and descents, as well as loops and straights to keep the runners interested, whilst challenging everyone’s balance, concentration, speed and stamina.

The best Craigclowan performance was Freddie L placing 14th in his primary 6 race, in a field of 161 runners.

Josh A, Yi W, Mairi T, Sasha M, Fig G, Eve B, Ben E, Daniel S and Zen S can also be extremely proud of their respective achievement in such a prestigious event.

Racers and parents alike, agreed that dipping a toe in the bigger pond has been an inspiring and valuable experience for all. There are a lot of talented and fit athletes in Scotland and we shall ensure that our Craigclowan children can stand with their heads high on the start line, and continue to be inspired.

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