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Perform At Craigclowan Speech Winners

Perform at Craigclowan is taking place from 17 - 20 May and is a chance for the children to take part in poetry and prepared reading classes and for our musicians to perform in a series of concerts. The speech classes were held yesterday, judged by John and Maureen Wright. John was formerly Head of Classics and a Housemaster at Glenalmond College and Maureen taught English and Latin here at Craigclowan. All the children who took part are to be commended for getting up and speaking in front of an audience and the standard was exceptionally high. Our winners were:

Forms 1 & 2 Poetry - Connie S (1C) & Hattie C (2H)

Forms 3 & 4 Poetry - Sandy D (3E)

Forms 3 & 4 Prepared Reading - Bea B (4C & Rhea D (4W)

Forms 5 & 6 Poetry - William D (5MS) & Rose H (6C)

Forms 5 & 6 Prepared Reading - Anna H (6C)

Forms 7 & 8 Poetry - Kinvara G (7L)

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