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Gordonstoun Challenge

(14-06-19) Five hardy and determined Form 6 pupils headed northon 14th June to defend the Craigclowan colours at the annual Gordonstoun Challenge.

Over the three days, and across the vast and stunning school grounds, our children tackled a huge variety of physical and mental tasks, usually under time pressure.

The “Famous Five” of Craigclowan were advised and chaperoned by two Gordonstoun students, Luisa, and Patrick B (formerly at Craigclowan).

Working as a team and making the most of each player’s abilities was instrumental to success in these imaginative, fun and taxing challenges, where a multitude of specific skills were required.

Anna H, Isobel L, Rosie S, Joshua B and Josh A played fair and remembered Craigclowan’s values, thus ensuring they gave each task their best shot.

During the weekend, punctuated by two nights of camping with the seagulls, they personalised an umbrella, designed a pipe handle (don’t ask!), rowed relentlessly, navigated a minefield, lit a fire with primitive equipment, solved the Pyramid of Hanoi mystery…the list is endless.

Our team was also treated to a delicious cooked breakfast, valuable encouragement and well deserved breaks and meals.

The pace was relentless, and yet spirits remained high. Much was learnt from this incredible experience and our five competitors agreed that the precious memories of their few days in this very special place will be treasured forever.

 Hospitality and entertainment were first class and we are all grateful to Gordonstoun for giving our pupils this unique opportunity.

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