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Form 8 French Weekend 3-4 May 2019

French week-end was another resounding success for Form 8 pupils, as they prepared for their looming Listening and Speaking Common Entrance Examination, away from their usual classroom but with familiar bi-lingual staff. 

A series of rôle plays, speaking exercises and listening comprehensions, interspaced with short breaks in idyllic Glenalmond setting with generous play spaces ensured a balanced programme including some playtime in the swimming pool and a relaxing barbecue.

This well tried and tested formula invariably sees our pupils return with extra knowledge and increased confidence in the language.

On Friday night, each group put on a play en français, illustrating themes such as Au Restaurant, À l’École, and À L’Office de Tourisme. A mix of slap stick acting, as well as advanced but at times overly imaginative French lead to much laughter for all throughout this memorable combined performance.

Maintenant, courage pour les examens, Form8!

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