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Form 8 Camp at Ford Castle Northumbria

(15.06.18) Many people have said that Form 8 are “Out of their tree”. Mrs Cox, Mr Doak and Mr Dibnah could not disagree more….  From the first moment we arrived at Ford Castle for Form 8's post exam residential trip, in the beautiful Northumbrian countryside, this group of teenagers adopted a large, sprawling Douglas Fir tree.  The climbed its branches and sat gossiping perched on its boughs. They did come out of their tree to do an extraordinary array of activities, including Jacob’s ladder, Leap of faith, Zip wire, Canoeing, Rock climbing, Survival, Assault course and many other exciting and interesting pursuits. However, they always returned to the extensive grounds to be reunited and spend their time “In their tree”.

A huge thank you to all the staff at Ford Castle that looked after us so well during our stay.  

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