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Form 6 Merchiston Science & Technology Day 11.10.18

On Thursday 11th October, Form 6 went down to Merchiston for the annual Prep School Science & Technology Day.  The year group was split into two groups. Both groups visited three out of the six activities that were running.

In Biology the children looked at pond water samples under the microscope and identified the animal and plant life up close. They also handled an array of different animals.

In CDT the children learnt about injection moulding and then applied their new skills to design a key ring of their choice.

In ICT the children each made their own computer game using a programme called Scratch.  This enabled them to incorporate their knowledge of graphs, as they had to design control features to control their fish eating shark.

In Physics the children learnt about light and how some colours absorb and reflect light.  They were then given help to make a pin-hole camera each which made everything look upside down.

In Electronics the children made their own electronic musical organ which touched on ‘Resistors’, something we will be covering later in the year.

In Chemistry, the children were treated to a display of some spectacular and interesting properties of some chemicals including "fake snow" - used in nappies to absorb water and "dry ice", as well as having the chance to try out some of their own chemistry experiments.

Lunch followed the tour of the activities. Everyone had an enjoyable day and learned lots of new things.

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