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Form 6 Camp - Dounan's Camp, Aberfoyle

On Friday (06.05.15), Form 6 set off on their annual camp to Dounan’s Camp, an activity centre in Aberfoyle. We began with a walk to Bracklinn Falls in Callander. This is a beautiful circular walk through  a forest and into the hills.  We arrived at the activity centre about 3pm, where the children were shown their dorms. It was straight out into activities. There was raft building, night line (a blindfolded assault course) and archery.  After dinner, the children had fun with the egg challenge. They had to complete various tasks. Depending on how many tasks completed would depend on what equipment they got to protect their eggs from rough treatment. Sadly, eggs were harmed during this activity.  In the evening, the children had to make their own beds. This was certainly a challenge in itself for some.
Saturday saw the children participate in more activities: climbing up milk crates stacked on top of each other and walking along a high wooden plank. In the evening, the children built a campfire and roasted marshmallows. It was a lovely evening, watching the children playing rugby, football and generally having fun with their friends.
On Sunday, we set off to walk to the top of Lime Craig hill. This was not just an ordinary walk. We found tadpoles in the ditches and learnt about them. We built shelters in the forest. We learnt what forest plants were edible (and ate them!).  We crawled through drainage pipes running under the forest tracks with streams running through them.  When the sun came out, there was even a good old water fight. The weather was just perfect and by the time we got back to the bus, most of the children were dry again.
Overall, we had a great time with lots of fun memories the children will be able to share for many years

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