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Form 4 Trip To Butterfly World, Edinburgh

(08.06.18) Form 4 had a marvelous time at Edinburgh’s Butterfly and Insect World, where the Rainforest topic, that they are currently working on in class, came to life.

As soon as we entered the tropical greenhouse, we were surrounded by a camouflaged army of caterpillars and a colourful kaleidoscope of butterflies of all sizes.

Our guide, Kev, amused us with numerous facts and stories of wildlife and we were lucky to admire, as well as pet, various friendly animals.

Beyond the bale of turtles, and the chrysalids in their varying stages of growth, the reptile room was stocked with an impressive variety of snakes, lizards, geckos,  chameleons and iguanas, to name a few.

They all appeared to be the contented neighbours of a superb collection of tarantulas.

We were lucky to be able to let a giant and restless millipede, a Royal python and friendly Jess, the Chilean tarantula ‘travel’ over our static but occasionally nervous hands.

There is no doubt that some of our irrational fears have been conquered in the space of a few moments and it was good to bond with a part of nature which we are less used to.

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