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Form 2 Trip The Discovery Point, Dundee

(18.02.19) Fresh from our half term break, Form 2 set off to Dundee, full of chatter and excitement for the day ahead. The sun was shining and a cold wind was blowing to remind us of our intended destination!

On arrival, we enjoyed the sunny view over the Tay and admired the new and old structures of the ship “The Discovery” and the new and modern V&A.

Our visit began with a workshop on Antartica and we got the chance to layer up like Captain Scott and his men did back in the days of woollen jumpers and seal skins mitts, and we were able to compare the clothing with modern day kit which is much more breathable.

The tour of the ship was fun as we tried to imagine the cold and wild weather that the men endured even before they landed on the cold continent.

We all learnt many facts throughout the day and we were certainly kept busy throughout the visit.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to the staff at The Discovery who made our day more enjoyable. Thank you!

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