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Week 10 - 04 to 10 November

Mon 04  
Tue 05 0900-1030 Form 5 Visit from a Roman Soldier
1200 Governors Child Protection Committee Meeting
1330-1400 Lunchtime Concert
1600 Calendar Committee Meeting
Wed 06 1300 Fettes Hockey Tournament
1430 U9 Fettes Rugby Tournament
1430 U13 Rugby v Cargilfield (H)
1430 U11 Rugby v Cargilfield (A)
Thu 07 0845-1715 Form 7 Fettes Classics Day
1530 Governors Marketing Committee Meeting
1600-1900 Forms 1-5 Parents Meeting
Fri 08 Mark Sheets for Forms 5-8
0830 Coffee for Parents in the Dining Room
0900 Remembrance Day Service in the Games Hall
Sat 09 0900-1030 Super Saturday Glenalmond Hockey & Rugby Coaching at Glenalmond
1600 Craigclowan Bonfire Night
Sun 10  

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