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It has been a busy week for prospective parents here at Craigclowan and, as ever, I have taken great delight in showing first time visitors around our amazing school.  While they are universally impressed by the range of activities that we offer and the evident hard work and application of the pupils, what always impresses visitors most is the way in which our pupils are quietly confident, articulate and eager to engage in conversation with them.  And in many ways this is the measure of an effective prep school education.  It is a given that we will enable children to fulfil their potential academically, but behind the scenes we also deliberately work hard from the very first days in Pre-school to promote good manners, encourage a lively curiosity in the world around them and develop a confidence to speak articulately with a broad range of people.  We do this by providing a wide range of opportunities for them to practise this skill.   So I was particularly proud this morning when our prospective Head Boys and Girls spoke at the annual hustings.  Though many of them will ultimately be disappointed not to be selected, all of them gave a very good account of themselves and expressed how they would choose to serve their school community.  As ever our pupils rose to the occasion and showed just what they are capable of when they are given the opportunity.

John F Gilmour

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