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Listening to and watching the news from Afghanistan in recent weeks has provided a stark reminder that not everyone enjoys the freedoms and liberties that we sometimes take for granted.  It has also reminded me that, as a school family, we have a responsibility to welcome strangers into our midst.  So this week I have provided a challenge to our children  - that we welcome new people into our school and existing friendship groups so that they can also benefit from the security and happiness that our existing strong friendships bring.

And as reach the end of the first week back after what seemed like a very long summer, I am reflecting on how wonderful it has been to come back together as a community.  In the course of the week we have welcomed a large number of newcomers - staff, pupils and parents.  And it is superb to begin to get to know them and heartwarming to see how our children have risen to my challenge.  The new children have been welcomed by the old hands and they have quickly assimilated into the warm family that is Craigclowan.

I sincerely hope that as a nation we can do the same for those who are fleeing potential persecution in Afghanistan.

John F Gilmour


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