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As we draw towards the time of the school year when staff and pupils leave us for pastures new, I have been reflecting on the old adage that ‘endings are really new beginnings in disguise’.  I talked a little about this in our assembly this morning.  All of our pupils will be reaching the end of something over the next two weeks.  Either they will be leaving their current class and moving up to a new one with, perhaps, an unfamiliar teacher or they will be leaving the school having completed their time with us.  They will be both nervous and excited about joining their new school and having to make new friends and adapt to unfamiliar surroundings and ways of doing things.  

And then of course we are saying our goodbyes to two members of the teaching staff.  Mrs McDermott leaves us today and is embarking on one of the biggest moves of any of us.  In a week's time she will join the latest batch of recruits at Tulliallan, the Police Scotland training college, as she leaves one career focussed on the service of others to join another.  I know that she is nervous and will miss much about our special community here but equally, like many of us, she has an exciting new beginning ahead of her.  

And so, as we head into the weekend and nudge towards the end of term, I would urge you all to practise our value of optimism and focus not on the perhaps painful endings but on the exciting new beginnings. 

John F Gilmour


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