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During the month of June the Wildlife Trusts are holding a 30 days wild challenge where they are challenging everyone to get out and do their bit for British wildlife and also to connect with, and become more aware of, our wildlife.  They are encouraging people to commit to 30 random acts of wildness.  This morning in assembly I spoke to the school about what they could do to join in and take part and the following is a list of some suggestions:

Plant a seed
​Build a bird feeder
Make a bee hotel
Camp or bivvi outside
Study a minibeast really closely
Identify all the birds in your garden
Build a bug mansion
Plant lavender to attract butterflies and bumble bees
Make your own wood pigeon nest 
Stand in your garden and try to identify as many sounds as you can 

And I could have gone on had I had the time; sadly I didn’t.  But I really support this campaign because a closer connection with nature is good for all of us, good for our own mental health, good for bio-diversity and good for the environment.  I’ve always felt that if you can catch the imagination of young people before the age of ten and get them interested in nature, they will keep that interest for life.

How will you get involved?

John F Gilmour

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