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I was reminded today that there is nothing like a day in the sun and next to the sea with a bunch of pupils to really refresh a Headteacher and recharge the batteries!  In my experience it is true that the teaching profession is both a calling and a vocation and so to be able to sneak away from the desk and spend time with the children is a real joy.  On this occasion it was a visit to Carlingheugh Bay with Form 7 to look at the coastal geomorphological features and formations that they have been learning about in the geography classroom.  And it was clear to see the importance of field trips and learning outside of the classroom.  Without noticing it the children were learning and reinforcing what they have been taught and establishing clear reference points for all that they have learned.  

No doubt this will benefit them in the future when they sit CE or GCSE Geography exams.  But, much more importantly than this, it will have given them a clear understanding and appreciation of how the wondrous landforms around us were created.  This will stay with them for life and hopefully inspire a curiosity that will enable them to explore and appreciate the world around them.

As the Scottish Naturalist and Environmentalist, John Muir said; “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks”.

John F Gilmour


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