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People often speak of the ‘joys of spring’.  Seldom has this joy been more apparent at the start of spring than during this week.  As all of our pupils are now back in school and there has been evident joy on their faces as they go about reconnecting with their friends and their teachers.  Combined with bright sunny skies, warm weather, daffodils blooming, birds building their nests and lots of time spent outside, it really has been a joyful week here at Craigclowan.  And of course, now the holiday beckons and no doubt many are ready for a break and the opportunity to digitally detox and reconnect with the world around them - I know that I am.  

To really get us in the mood we have spent the day today remembering our friend Adam Pattinson.  It is over a year now since Adam was tragically killed so we thought that it would be apt to spend a day remembering him, his values and the things that he loved.  Under the banner of #BeMoreAdam we spent the day dressed as rugby players and rock stars and passed the time having fun together engaged in some of the things that he held dear.  Adam loved dressing up - so we did.  Adam loved helping others - so we did a massive litter pick.  Adam loved rugby - so we played tag rugby.  Adam loved playing the guitar - so we designed guitars.  And Adam loved gardening - so we all planted sunflower seeds so that next term we will return to plant out some giants of the flower world.  There is no doubt that Adam’s memory remains a crucial part of our community and I am glad that we have all been reminded of this today.

So I hope you do have a real break over the Easter holiday.  I have read recently that we should aim to spend a minimum of four hours outside each day.  I will be aiming for this whether it is climbing hills, kayaking on the river, cycling the trails or merely sitting in the garden reading and watching the chickens.  

Happy holidays!
John F Gilmour

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