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It’s that time of year when our Form 8 pupils have completed their scholarship processes and are awaiting their results.  It is rare to achieve a clean sweep but I am delighted to say that the final results are now in and, in fact, this is one of those years.  Every Craigclowan pupil who applied for a scholarship was awarded at least one, and some more than one.  To say that I am one proud Headmaster would be an understatement - I am bursting!

The legendary South African Golfer, Gary Player, is often credited with the great saying:

“People often say that I am a lucky player.  It’s amazing that the harder I practise the luckier I get”.  

I often reflect on this as I congratulate our successful scholarship pupils each year.  For them there are no shortcuts, there are no easy wins - these are robust processes designed to discern, not only who has the required attributes to do well in their chosen field, but also who has put in the hard work required to succeed.  So this year as I congratulate our successful scholars, I will be telling them how hard they have worked and not how lucky they are.

And these awards are not empty achievements designed to stroke egos.  Only the hardest working pupils are awarded scholarships and, being slightly vulgar for a moment, they often come with a reduction in the fees of up to 20%.  Thus a successful pupil who is heading to an independent boarding school might well have just saved their parents nearly £40,000 over the five years (not allowing for inflation) or nearly £30,000 if they will be a day pupil.  I would like to say, not bad for a day’s work, however, I should really say that in each case it is more likely to be a just reward for ten years of hard work.

Isn’t it amazing what young people can achieve when they set their minds to something?

John F Gilmour


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