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They say that nothing beats a good book.  And I tend to agree with this sentiment.  So, as World Book Day approaches, I spoke with our pupils this morning a little bit about how we are going to celebrate this year and some of the challenges that have been set for them.  I suppose that we are generally creatures of habit - for myself, my go-to reading is typically something from the military history bookshelf (preferably of the revisionist variety) or something adventurous (sailing or mountaineering based usually).  However, you will know that we like a good challenge here at Craigclowan so this year I have chosen some poetry as my reading material for the week.  First up is A E Houseman’s ‘A Shropshire Lad’ for a little bit of nostalgia.  I haven’t read this since the sixth form at school so thought I would refresh my memory and remind myself why this is one of the best selling books of poetry of all time (apparently one in every five soldiers in the First World War trenches had it in his pocket).  And for some light relief I will be listening to my first audio book - I’ve never done this before, but I have always fancied reading Gregory David Roberts’ epic novel ‘Shantaram’.  It has been on my wish list to visit India for many years and, with the pandemic making it impossible to travel, perhaps the next best thing is to read about places I want to visit - after all, it is often said that ‘Books let you travel without moving your feet’.

So I hope that you enjoy your reading journey next week and I would always welcome a good recommendation!

John F Gilmour


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