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As this has been Children’s Mental Health Week, which had the theme ‘express yourself’, the theme for assembly this morning was ‘Dress to Express’.  It was a joy not only to wear one of my favourite shirts to work today, but also to see our pupils looking so incredible and diverse in their favourite outfits/onesies etcetera.  It has certainly reminded me of the importance of being able to express yourself and to have the freedom within a safe and non judgemental environment to show your real self.  We were also treated to an opportunity to learn from our pupils.  Our fabulous Form 8 children had produced a short video setting out why it’s important to look after your own mental health and some of the things you can use to achieve this.  And I have to say, I was really blown away by their level of understanding and their insight.  So if you have a chance, please go over to our Facebook page, Twitter or YouTube channel and have a watch.

Happy holidays...

John F Gilmour

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