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As we approach the end of what must rank as one of the more unusual terms in my teaching career, I have been coming to the realisation that, provided we have each other, most other things are tolerable.  

Children and adults alike are sociable and really thrive on regular social contact.  And so, despite this being the term where so many of the normal parts of school life are still on hold, actually, all I am seeing around me are happy joyful faces.  After the solitude of lockdown, both our staff and our pupils have discovered that, as long as we are allowed to be together, even if it is with certain restrictions in place, we will ultimately be fine.  And at the start of this term, there were many naysayers who were sure that reopening schools was a terrible thing to do in the midst of a global pandemic - I am certain now that we have done the right thing.  

Yes, there have been risks but yes, it was worth it.  The finest evidence of this for me is that each day I have been surrounded by happy and smiling faces.  Added to this, I am currently reading a wealth of fantastically positive end of term reports and realising just how much our staff and children have achieved this term.

Job done...

John F Gilmour

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