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Headmaster's Blog


Building on the theme of last week’s blog, I have again this week been reflecting on some of the silver linings that we have experienced recently.  

In many ways it has been a tough week.  Three members of staff have spent time self isolating and, of course, this has meant that for some pupils, some of their lessons have moved online.  In normal circumstances this would be difficult to achieve and hugely disruptive to the flow of learning.  However, while I have spent many hours this week supervising various classes while they are being taught remotely, I have witnessed incredible teaching first hand.  By any measure these have been outstanding lessons, the children have been engaged, well behaved, on task, the pace and challenge of the lessons have been high and the children have been making evident progress.  In each lesson I have witnessed them getting high quality feedback and personalised input from their teacher.  Clearly distance and technology have not been a barrier to progress.

I’ve also been pondering the various new rules for Christmas...as I’ve done so it has been tempting to get disheartened by all of the myriad things that we are not allowed to do.  However, I’ve decided that the best strategy is to take a more positive view of it and focus on what we are allowed to do.  And so I have decided that, within the limits of the rules, I wish to fill the Christmas break with as many experiences, memories, challenges, people and places as I possibly can.  And I’m going to do this in the hope that each and every experience, whether good, bad, big or small, will enrich my life in some way.  As part of this strategy I am also determined to find what makes me and those around me happy, and do as much of that as possible.

John F Gilmour

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