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When I spoke to the children this morning, I reflected that for many, lockdown has presented an opportunity to re-appraise things, make plans, set goals and challenge ourselves to do things differently.  Of course, we have all had very different experiences of lockdown.  Some have spent the time alone.  Others will have lost their job or been furloughed and thus had unexpected time on their hands.  Meanwhile others, myself included, will not only have continued to work, but actually found themselves busier than normal.  

So when I looked this week at the list that I made on my fridge door at the start of lockdown, I was pleasantly surprised to see that, although I hadn’t achieved everything that I had set out to, I had most definitely made a good dent in the list.  I have eaten well, got to bed early, read regularly and practised my guitar.  I have decided not to beat myself up about the fact that I haven’t completed my Yachtmaster Theory or managed to complete a sketch every day but, instead, to accept that unexpected challenges have come along to prevent some things from happening.  I have observed in my life too many occasions when I have focussed on the gap between my ambitions and achievements and so I have decided, just for now, to be gentle with myself and accept that one thing is true...in these difficult times I have done the very best that I could.  

John F Gilmour


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