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Now that we are moving into our second month of lockdown, I wonder if you, like me, have been looking forward to how life might look once the current pandemic fades into memory?  I am coming to the conclusion that life will be forever changed in so many ways and I am beginning to feel that this might be equally true for our school.

Amidst the noise of the almost constant updates on the news about the latest statistics, shortages or plans, I have been trying to tune in to what it is that really matters here and what we need to make sure endures above all else.  I think above all else I want our children to know that they are front and centre of all our plans.  Their happiness and joy is what makes our community so special and without them it seems like a drab place.  Our values have remained so important over the last few months and I have seen our children really grow in their resilience, optimism, kindness and sense of adventure.

Our staff too are the most incredible team and to have seen them pull together over the last few months has made me fully conscious of this.  I value being a small part of this wonderful team enormously and have been so grateful for their commitment, individual leadership and determination to make the most of the strange set of circumstances.  I am determined not to forget this and to find ways to build upon it in the future.

Optimism has been so important recently...with so much uncertainty and change I have found there to be no acceptable alternative to it.  We are in the middle of a truly awful period yet I am certain that things will get better.  Together we will get through this and not just survive but be stronger for the experience.  I know that we have not got everything right.  Many things we are making up as we go along and some things will be left undone that ought to have been done.  However, I am confident that when we return we will get things quickly back on track and have the benefit of a new perspective on what truly matters and what doesn’t.

And in the middle of all this we need to be realistic.  Realistic about what can be achieved while we are apart and what we can expect from each other.  A digital classroom can provide some continuity of education but it cannot replace the amazing experience that our children get each day that they come to school.  Collectively we are doing our best so we should remember that these aren’t normal times and this isn’t a normal situation.

John F Gilmour

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