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Well, they say that you never stop learning...how true that has been this week!  

In these strangest of circumstances we have become tech gurus, digital problem solvers and online teachers and I suspect that at home, there has been a substantial amount of learning going on too (and not just for our pupils)?  For my part it has been an occasionally lonely experience.  Although we have our childcare hub up and running, the school seems incredibly empty and lacking in its usual buzz.  This was most obvious when I led my first ‘Virtual Assembly’ in the empty hall speaking only to myself.  It struck me how difficult it is to communicate when you have no feedback.  As you might have experienced, our assemblies are usually lively events where there is often a great deal of audience participation and interaction.  Remove that and much of the sparkle and joy is gone.  Nevertheless, I was pleased when pupils watched it this morning and comments began to arrive electronically.  

Of course, the saving grace has been Google Meet which has allowed us to see each other, laugh, joke, communicate, teach, learn and interact.  Suddenly we have realised that digital communication really does have the ability to transform lives in an incredibly powerful way.  So, I look forward to next week and the new experiences that it will bring and I hope that out there, in our digitally connected world, you are all as happy and safe as can be and that you are coping with these uncertain times.

John F Gilmour

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