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In a term where we have experienced so much sadness, change and turmoil, it has given me enormous pleasure to see our already tight community pull together and support one another so much. In the aftermath of Adam’s death I was paradoxically left feeling that nothing much mattered any more but, at the same time, that everything now mattered so much more.  As the weeks have gone by, I have come to see that the latter is really what Adam would have wanted; that life is so precious and that actually, everything does matter.

But it is not just that.  I have begun to see that so many of the big things that seemed so important before, like saving for a new car, thinking about paying off the mortgage and worrying about investments are actually not the big things in my life.  Instead I’ve begun to realise that it is the small things which are the really big things right now...the warmth of the sun as I’ve walked to work this week, the kind smiles from the children as they walk across the Square each morning, the flowering daffodils and the birdsong emitting from every bush and tree.

So my offer to you this week is to encourage you to focus on the small things and make them the big things in your life.

I hope that, whatever your Easter promises, it is filled with a multitude of small pleasures.


John F Gilmour

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