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Chatting with our Form 8 pupils yesterday in my study, I was reminded once again of the expression from Psalms “out of the mouths of babes you have gained wisdom (or, strength)”.  As Mrs Trueland and I chatted away with them, they gave clarity to a number of tricky issues that we have been struggling with.  One by one they simplified the issue, thought it through carefully and crafted simple but effective answers to our problems.  All the while they worked collaboratively, listened to each other with respect and showed real empathy for the views of others.  No fuss, no fanfare...problem solved.

I know exactly where I will head for sage advice next time I have a challenging problem to solve!

We then got to discussing the Coronavirus outbreak.  Naturally they are worried about it and all the more so because there are cases in Xi’an where our Craigclowan China nursery is about to open.  It made me realise how true it is that our world has in many ways shrunk and become very small.  We are now connected not just virtually, but physically, to almost every corner of the world.  Events in China or anywhere else affect us all in myriad ways and I was glad to be able to discuss this with our Form 8 pupils.  In so many ways Billy Bragg hit the nail on the head in 1988 when he sang:

“And the fate of the great United States,
is entwined in the fate of us all.
And the incident at Tschernobyl proves
the world we live in is very small.”

John F Gilmour

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