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Never is the importance of a good holiday more obvious that on the return to school in the Spring Term.  The Winter Term is the longest of the year, by some distance, and there is no doubt that by the time we get to the carol service on the last day, parents, pupils and staff are running on fumes.  So the contrast when we come back together in January couldn’t be more stark.  Although it is a shock to the system to be up early and prepared for the day ahead, it is clear that the holiday has refreshed everyone and that we are returning re-invigorated and full of energy for the many exciting things ahead.  

This reminds me of why the gaps in music are so important.  Without the gaps between notes and movements, music makes no sense; it is just noise and isn’t enjoyable or even recognisable.  It is the pauses that refresh us and give us time to process and reflect.  Similarly, it is the same when training for a sport.  It is essential to be fit and hone skills, but it is also vital to rest, recover and let the muscles rebuild and the neural pathways develop.

So, I hope that you enjoyed the holiday and I hope that you are refreshed and ready to go again.  The term might be short but we will pack a lot in and there is much to be learnt and achieved!

John F Gilmour

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