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We often talk about adventure here at Craigclowan, indeed, it is one of our values.  I believe passionately that a life without adventure is a poorer experience in every respect.  As someone once said, “a life without adventure is like a ham sandwich without mustard”...it will sustain you and allow you to survive but there will always be that something missing which brings it to life!

So, last week I was accosted in the playground by a group of our Form 8 pupils who asked if they could lead an assembly to tell the school about their adventures this summer.  This isn’t normal behaviour for 13 year olds so I thought, ‘why not’. They led their assembly this morning and did an incredible job. With no hint of shyness or nervousness they stood and told the whole school about their week-long visit to Ridgway School of Adventure during the summer holidays.  With unrestrained enthusiasm they showed glorious pictures of the West Coast of Scotland at its sunny best and brought their adventure to life, complete with stories of shelter building, early morning swimming, lobster catching, mackerel gutting, climbing in the rain and sinking each other’s kayaks.  And I was particularly pleased when they finished by recommending to the assembled masses that they should go to Ridgway School of Adventure next summer, not because it was such a good advert for a Scottish adventure business but because their enthusiasm for adventure was so infectious and so in keeping with our school values.

Thank you and well done Sacha, Rafferty, Mairi, Auriol, Fig, Louisa and Hopkin!

John F Gilmour


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