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Sports Day should be one of the best days in the school calendar.  I can honestly say that it is in mine.  A day off timetable, out of the classroom and away from the office.  An ideal world where everyone is just that little bit more relaxed, eager for some fun and smiles abounding.  And that’s how it was today.  Not everyone won their race, not everyone jumped the highest or threw the farthest and not everyone won a medal.  But the support from the young people for each other was tremendous and, in fine Craigclowan spirit, we cheered the winners but also each and every competitor as they completed their race or event.  There was an undeniable spirit of unity as we supported each other and lived out many of our school values such as resilience, kindness, optimism and humility.  So, all in all, a day when I could justifiably be hugely proud of our little community and the people who make it so special.  A massive thanks to all who made it so special, children, staff and parents...

John F Gilmour

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