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I’m not sure how much you know about camels?

This morning in assembly we talked about camels and what makes them special.  Here are a few of the facts we explored:

  • There are over 100 words for ‘camel’ in Arabic
  • A camel is a ‘cousin’ of the llama
  • A camel has three eyelids and bushy eyebrows to protect its eyes from the sun and sand
  • In winter, a camel can survive six or seven months without drinking water
  • A camel’s wee is twice as salty as seawater
  • Camel poo is so dry that you can light a fire with it as soon as it comes out
  • All of a camel’s fat is concentrated into its hump
  • Camels can drink up to 113 litres of water in only 13 minutes
  • Camels can run at speeds of up to 65km/h for short distances

The pupils who were present agreed that the facts above combine to make a camel a pretty special and unique animal.  But the interesting thing is, other animals are not jealous of camels.  Why?  Because they too are special in their own, individual ways.  Snails carry their home, elephants squirt water and giraffes can pick leaves from the top of trees.

Perhaps uniquely, we humans can look at others and be jealous or wish that we had their special qualities.  So we spoke about the fact that each of us is unique and has things which we are very good at.  We explored how we are each completely unique...in fact we are each one of us a completely amazing person who has never been seen on earth before and never will be again.

We agreed that we will try to celebrate who we are, not who we are not!

John F Gilmour

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