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Spending time in the maths classroom over the past two terms has been a particular pleasure for me.  Having spent many years teaching maths before coming to Craigclowan, I have come to love the subject and the opportunities that it provides to help young people develop a growth mindset.  No one is bad at maths.  Quite the opposite.  We all have mathematical ability; the difference is, some of us have developed this more than others. 

So, with my particular maths set at the moment we are very focussed on preparing for the Common Entrance exam just around the corner.  Each lesson, we review a topic or work on practise questions and give the final polish needed in order to achieve success.  And in each lesson, the pupils are reminded of all that they have learnt and all that they can do and I have been able to see, quite visibly, their confidence and accuracy grow.  

In a very tangible way they have discovered the fundamental principle of having a Growth Mindset...no one is bad at something, they are not YET good at it.  The difference is crucial.  If you believe that you are bad at something, there is no point trying because you can only ever be bad at it.  However, if you believe that you are not good yet, there is every reason to keep trying because, with further hard work, growth and success are possible.

John F Gilmour

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