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The All-Party Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood has recommended this week that school children should have at least 75 minutes of break time every day. Most schools, according to the report, have cut lunch and break times, which has a negative impact on pupils’ concentration, health and social skills.  To my way of thinking it is nothing short of tragic that this has happened.  We have been careful here at Craigclowan to create an environment where children get a huge amount of fit and healthy time out of doors (both at break times but also during games, Forest School, camps, trips and activities).  But we do this for more than just fitness and health benefits. These periods in the day are crucial for developing social skills as well as the abilities to problem solve, develop resilience, try new things and simply laugh and have fun.  

So the news that break times are vital for children does not come as any news to me though, I must admit, just sometimes it amazes me that it can take a government committee hours upon hours to reach a conclusion that any child could reach in mere moments...

John F Gilmour

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