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Heroes are important.  Not just the comic book type, but those who come in all shapes, sizes and genders.  Heroes give us confidence that evil can be overcome.  They inspire us to action and give positive examples of how great things can be achieved by small people and small actions.  David Bowie told us that we too can be Heroes and I for one believe him.

On Wednesday our Form 6 pupils led an assembly about Heroes and Heroines.  They each spoke beautifully about their own heroes and, in particular, explained why that person was their hero.  They then shared their tips for how we can make the world a better place by the small things that we do.  They explained how by doing this we can all be everyday heroes and it was superb; so good in fact that it needs sharing, so here goes:

  • Aiming to set a good example for others.
  • Treating others with respect.
  • Trying to be always positive and smiling.
  • Doing  our best to get along with everyone.
  • Saying nice things to others.
  • Sharing what we have, to bring happiness to others.
  • Being responsible for our rubbish and looking after the environment.
  • Being kind and patient.
  • Helping people in need.
  • Making sure that no-one is left out.
  • Encouraging others who are feeling down.
  • Treating others how we’d like to be treated.
  • Saying ‘thank you’ to others who help us.
  • Showing gratitude for what we have.
  • Respecting our public servants: doctors, nurses, soldiers, teachers and firemen; to name a few.
  • Helping each other learn.
  • Preferring to making peace rather than being angry.
  • Accepting others and not criticising others.
  • Cheering ourselves up by cheering up others.
  • Not tolerating bullies.

I wonder if you have a hero?  Can you articulate why they are and how their example has inspired you?

John F Gilmour

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