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Watching our Under 11 cross-country runners at work on Thursday afternoon at Sedbergh School, I was struck by how often it is possible to underestimate individuals when we only ever see them in their relative comfort zones.  When we push young people out of their comfort zone and challenge them towards their growing edge, we unlock startling amounts of magic.  Each of those runners ran a brave race.  For each of them it was an epic of some degree.  And we came so close to victory with Freddie’s second place (to watch him run was a joy in itself).  But each and every pupil there achieved something great.  They learnt that when we dare greatly and are not afraid of a little discomfort, we can transcend the worries and mud and cut knees and the ache in our legs and keep on the struggle up the hill towards the finish line.  

I am so proud of each and every one of them and the inspirational attitude with which they approached the race...well done and thank you!

John F Gilmour

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