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It has reached that time of year when I seem to spend most of my time sitting writing reports.  I’m very much the kind of person who tries to live by the wisdom that we should look forward, not backward (as we’re not going that way).  Indeed, I recently heard that the perfect balance is to try and live your life to the ratio of rear view mirror size to windscreen size.  In other words, it is okay to spend a little time looking behind in the rear view mirror but we should spend considerably more time looking forward through the windscreen.   After all, if we spend all of our time looking over our shoulder, we are bound to crash the car.

Of course, busy as I am with report writing, I am very aware that I am spending much more time than I usually would looking backward.  However, it is absolutely right that from time to time we stop, pause and reflect upon the many and manifest achievements of our extraordinary pupils.  And I have to tell you *spoiler alert* they are truly amazing reports.  Collectively they represent an extraordinary level of application and hard work by our pupils throughout the term.  I am enormously proud of them and, of course, the staff who have so capably taught them!  So, for once, I am happy to break my own rule and spend much more time looking backward than forward.

John F Gilmour

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