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I don’t know about you but I feel incredibly passionate about our school.  

When I am out of school, people often ask where I work and what I do.  Invariably, as I reply, I am filled with pride for this wonderful place and it’s wonderful people.  And, of course, this time of year provides so many opportunities to reflect upon this.  Last week it was our Remembrance Service, which so many of you were kind enough to compliment us on.  As I have walked around the corridors and entered the classrooms this week I have seen pupils hard at work putting the final touches to their exam preparation.  In other classrooms there has been a palpable buzz of excitement while children prepare and learn their lines for their Christmas shows.  But so often it is the really tiny details which sharpen my focus upon what is so great about our school.  It’s Abbie B choosing to sit next to me and asking if I’m okay.  It’s Hugo S at the salad bar asking how my day is going and seeming to be interested in the answer.  It’s Vinnie B rushing across the playground to share with me his latest achievement (a Blue Peter badge - would you believe)!

So when I was asked on Saturday, while sitting on the terraces at Twickenham, “what do you do?”  I could honestly say, “I am proud to be the Headmaster at the best little prep school in Scotland”.

John F Gilmour


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