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As the weekend and half-term approach I have been pondering the importance of rest.  

The Winter term is a busy one in any school and, not least, here at Craigclowan.  Each week begins with us welcoming a visiting speaker to our assembly and ends, for me at least, with Climbing Club, which finishes at 6.10pm on a Friday.  This can seem very busy but, as ever, the devil is in the detail. Each part of our school week has gaps, breaks or pauses built in. Every day has two substantial breaks so that children can stop learning and just be children, having fun for a little while.  When we sing a song, the notes we sing are crucial, but then so are the gaps and pauses in between the notes. Likewise, in the classroom, when a teacher asks a question, research has shown that they need to leave a pause of up to 10 seconds before expecting an answer from a pupil.  It’s also true for sport. While the physical training is important, it is during the rest periods between training that the really hard work is done. This is when our body rebuilds itself and creates bigger muscles or more efficient cardiovascular fitness.

So now that half-term is here, I certainly have some exciting plans for outdoor fun and adventures (sailing on the east coast, climbing, cycling and swimming on the west coast), but I will also be making sure to build in some pauses.  I hope you do too...

John F Gilmour


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